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Q4 2015: I am spending 100% of my professional time transitioning from one role to another. Please connect with me via email or LinkedIn and I can let you know the next time my services will be available.

About Jaron

I do DevOps in AWS. I spent 15 years as a full-stack developer, from coding C++ for Win32 apps to developing high-availability, high-volume Java webapps and SOA APIs.

As my operations teams gained virtualization capabilities, I requested more and more of these virtual resources for development sandboxes and proof-of-concepts. (I believe in the Lean concept of failing fast and early.) With the emergence of IaaS like AWS, I finally had the direct access to the virtual resources I needed to engineer complete solutions. My fellow coders began to ask me to setup cloud resources for them as well, and I was happy to enable faster development.

Around the same time I realized my frustration as a developer involved the challenge all dev teams face - building products that consistently meet client expectations. I also noticed my friends on the ops side were using the cloud like the in-house virtualization infrastructure. This didn't feel right to me, so I started applying my development skills to automating the cloud.

Today I am a happy DevOps engineer. I understand my clients' expectations because my clients are developers. I have a talent for helping teams turn software that "runs on my machine" into production system architectures. My DevOps approach is efficient and manageable with an emphasis on automation. I write almost all of my infrastructure-as-code, and apply my software development experience and methodology to create reliable, consistent infrastructure.

When I am not on the job I like to travel; I have made a lifelong oath to visit at least one new country every year. To stay in shape, physically and mentally, I train in boxing, muay thai, jujitsu, and arnis.

Critical Thinking 96%
Grit 77%
Fussiness 50%
Creativity 88%

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"Jaron's devops contribution to the projects we collaborated on was critical to our success. Jaron's depth of knowledge and professional approach to devops is way beyond what I have experienced before or since."

- Rick Myers Full Stack Developer at Humana, Inc.

“We needed an infrastructure, with security suitable for the healthcare industry, but in new and uncharted waters… the public cloud. Jaron delivered with an innovative and reliable solution that passed muster within the larger enterprise, was the foundation of our app and a home run for the company.”

- Dan Kalin Full Stack & Mobile Developer at Humana, Inc.
"Jaron singlehandedly was able to bring or infrastructure from epoch of steam engine to propulsion jet. Automation is his religion, cloud is his church, getting things done his preaching. First full stack he orchestrated for us, suffered from NONE critical failure in 2 years of production deployment. Jaron operates as perfect interface between development, business, analytics and security departments, utilizing his technological expertise and personal skillset to align and execute on unified organizational goals.
If devops were martial art, Bruce Lee would make a great student of Jaron's"

- Michal Roguski Data Scientist at Humana, Inc.

“Jaron Sampson provides peace-of-mind for product managers who need infrastructure to be ready on-time. His ability to articulate and understand the complex dependencies of software development are exemplary.”

- Alicia Goodwin Senior Product Owner at OpenClinica