What is Robot Sandbox?

This is a living cloud laboratory, where we explore the technologies and techniques used to make developing and operating information technology reliable and efficient.

Robot [roh-buh t, -bot] n. any machine or mechanical device that operates automatically with humanlike skill

Sandbox [sand-boks] n. an environment in which software developers or editors can create and test new content

Metrics & Monitoring

Information technology is complex, and complexity is the bane of reliability. All software and hardware experience failures; we must monitor our systems to effectively respond to issues. Virtualization opens the door to the wonders of auto-scaling, and the heart of that is measuring the vital signs of infrastructure under load.

System Comprehension

Computer science is all about abstraction. Many development teams struggle due to issues made opaque by operation teams. Good DevOps teams create self-service tools and monitors to improve the ability of a whole organization to comprehend the processes and state of it's information systems.

Continuous Delivery

Successful technology enterprises practice some level of continous integration or continuous delivery. As the duration of release cycles decreases, quality increases. Connecting different technologies together into coherent and efficient pipelines is a principal challenge of the DevOps engineer.


A huge advantage of using cloud infrastructure is being able to build it all in code. Software developers have decades of experience and a wealth of technologies for working with code. Now infrastructure can benefit from software best practices, e.g. unit testing, peer code review, and version control.

Configuration Management

To err is human. When we automate the configuration of our systems, we reduce the tendency for systems to "drift" into inconsistent states. Inconsistent states result in red-herring issues, and when we spend less time trying to catch those, we make more time to automate all the things!


It makes sense for most enterprises to outsource the maintenance and operation of IT machinery. The cloud allows startups to fail quickly and cheaply, and to pivot swiftly. Running your infrastructure in the cloud allows your company to focus on it's core competencies and unlock new ones.

About Me

I was born in a cabin in the mountains of Montana. I went to The Evergreen State College before beginning to travel the world. I've worked at OpenClinica, NameMedia, Humana, and Jibo to name a few. I live just far enough outside of Boston to have some nice land with lots of trees on it, which reminds me of Montana, I guess.
I have been resting, and exploring technology through Robot Sandbox. And raising chickens for another. I have 6 hens and a one-eyed rooster named Jack. I also have a fancy cat named Misty and a barn cat named Cassie. I spend some leisure time on the PS4, and the rest training and following martial arts. I am taking on limited consulting work, and I am interested in remote positions or ones with reasonable commutes.
I would like to grow Robot Sandbox into a powerhouse of knowledge sharing. Other technology professionals are encouraged to contact me about collaborating on additional labs or writing for Robot Sandbox. Robot Sandbox can be more than just a tech blog or website, over time I imagine it to be a community and learning center coming out you loud and proud from all forms of media.

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